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march 8. 1908


A woman in Alaska!


First woman to drive dogs in Alaska ever delivers the mail and freight to the smal communities on the trail from Nenana to Nome.

By Willie "Wordcracker" Williamsson

The surprise was huge in Dawson 8. march when the musher Susan Hansen on her first day on job arrived to the town with her 6 beautifull dogs an the important freight.

The arrive coursed both happiness and a bit of suspicion!!

Mr. Petersen, the Saloonowner in Dawson, was astonished when he as usual was waiting for the mail and the important supply of whisky. He could se, that it wasn't old Joe "Doggy" Johnson who was mushing the dogs. An when he realized, that it was a woman on the back of the sledge he spontaneously exclaimed: "Holy S... a woman is coming in!!!"


Woman in town

Many of the people in the street this morning was a bit worried about the fact, that a woman for the first time in almost 10 years was in town. Mr. Petersen declares, that he could be nervous, that it would course huge problems an a lot of figting in the saloon with a lovely girl present.

"I had to evaluate the hole situation specially considering the safety of the town" declaimes Mr. Petersen about the recieving of this woman, who seemed to be a real hardhitter! 

"First, when she came into town, it seemed that she was a peacefull and nicelooking lady and she should then be welcome. Well, in the fact I saw a possibility for my self to have a little fun and maybe also a little help in my cabin, so the strategy was simple: be obliging and galant, which we really can be here in Dawson", Says Petersen.

"An then something strange happened" describes Mr. Petersen. "When this woman had her sledge parked ahead of the saloon, she started to admonish me about what to do and not to do!! She literally pushed me around", tells the deeply shocked Saloonowner. "My costumers was laughing loudly of this embarrassing situation."

"But she wouldn't stay for long. "One night... only one night" she said! anyway it's in fact better than nothing. Now we'll wait for her coming back". "Maybe I should wash and iron a shirt to be ready for her next arrive." smiles Mr. Petersen finally and waves goodbye to Susan Hansen, when she and her astonishing siberian huskyes drives out of town.

All photos by Björn "The Bear" Uglem