Ulvedalen's Geri 

Ulvedalen's Aliy Zirkle


Ulvedalen's Geri

Ulvedalen's Geri - 8 year

Geri is an excellent dog - our best wheel dog ever! He is like his brother Freki always 100 percent focused and a powerful worker with very good endurance and speed. His movements are so fluid and elegant and he often runs into a steady trot at high speed - up to 25 kph. We have not seen his limits! Normally in wheel but can go in all positions.

Geri is a very social dog who enjoys being with both the other dogs and people. Is a very charming boy!

Geri is part of the competition team. and had run ALL competition since 2008, where he ran the WC, 4-dog sled..


Video presentation: Geri >>> Her

Exhibition: Vaggeryd 28/4-07: Excellent

Exhibition: Vaggeryd 25/4-09: Excellent

Exhibition: Bjursås 12/0-09: Excellent

Exhibition: Vaggeryd 23/4-11: Very Good

Exhibition: Vaggeryd 27/4-13: Very Good




Hips - x-ray - A

Eyes - Clear



Ulvedalens Geri - Wheelposition

Ulvedalen's Aliy Zirkle

Ulvedalen's Aily Zirkle - 4 year


Zirkle by now our best leaddog. She has taken over the lead position permanently on the competition team since the age of 1 ½! In addition, Most of the time Zirkle are in leads position on both the A & B team, which means that she runs two training sessions in a row and without loosing motivation.

Zirkle is the alpha female in the pack. She is always calm and never in conflict. Zirkle is a very social dog, a female that meets all our requirements for a dog to be included in breeding!.

- social behavior

- excellent performance

- cleverness. Makes the right descisions

- never missing a good meal

- physically strong. Never injured!

- Near to perfect exterior

- Perfect fur


Exhibition: Vaggeryd 23/4-11: Excellent

Exhibition: Vaggeryd 27/4-13: Very Good



Hips - x-ray - no status

Eyes - Clear


Ulvedalen's Aliy Zirkle in leadposition

Inbreeding: 12,5%

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Ulvedalen's Aliy Zirkle

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