Indian Tribe Husky's Geronimo - 5 Year

Geronimo (Claus Persson Team Husky Horizon, DK) matured a bit late, and as a yearling his behavior to the other males was a bit provoking, allthough never causing any kind of troubles. Today, as a fully matured and grown up Siberian, he has the most fantastic temper in the dogyard. Playful and very sweet towards the other dogs. Geronimo always tells us that he is present, when we are feeding or preparing for training.


Working ability
A killing trot. Endurant and highly motivated. Not a commando leaddog, at all. But can do co-lead with an experienced leaddog at his side


Vrögum, Dansk Polarhunde Klub 2013, 8-dog roller, split 1st place
November Race 2013, Dansk Polarhunde Klub, 4-dog roller, 1st place
November Race 2014, Dansk Polarhunde Klub, 4-dog roller, 1st place
National Championship 2015, Dansk Polarhunde Klub, 4-dog roller, 2nd place
Polar Distans 2015, SPHK, Nome style 6-8 dogs Group C, guest dog on another team. Completed.
16 out of 37 teams in classes in 180 km dropped out.

International Scandinavian Stage Race ISSR, 2016, 5th place



Haarlev, DK 2015-05-03: Very Good,



Hips - x-ray - no status

Eyes - Clear


Weight: 24 kg
Hight: Upper limit


Ulvedalen's Aily Zirkle - 6 year


Zirkle by now our best leaddog. She has taken over the lead position permanently on the competition team since the age of 1 ½! In addition, Most of the time Zirkle are in leads position on both the A & B team, which means that she runs two training sessions in a row and without loosing motivation.

Zirkle is the alpha female in the pack. She is always calm and never in conflict. Zirkle is a very social dog, a female that meets all our requirements for a dog to be included in breeding!.

- social behavior

- excellent performance

- cleverness. Makes the right descisions

- never missing a good meal

- physically strong. Never injured!

- near to perfect exterior

- perfect fur



2013 Skånedraget 6 dog roller 2nd place

2013 Scandinavian Open Championship, SOC 6th place

2012 Novemberløbet DPHK 1th place

2012 Nybro of Snow SPHK 3rd place




Vaggeryd 23/4-11: Excellent

Vaggeryd 27/4-13: Very Good



Hips - x-ray - no status

Eyes - Clear


Weight: 20 kg
Hight:  + Medium size

Ulvedalen's Aliy Zirkle in leadposition

Inbreeding: 0,0 %

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