Photo Diary of Idun

Thursday 18 th February - 2010

I'n now 2 years old and enjoying life!!!!

13 th - 19 th February - 2010

"Hi there""

As You kan see I'm now a lead-dog!!!

....... and I'm doing a great job - they say!!

Sonday 24 th January - 2010

This weekend we took the silver medal at the Danish Championship in the discipline Cani Cross - here with my big brother Munin!

Thursday 12 th February - 2009

Hey see my new coat!!

I now run with the competition team - here as swing-dog

Wednesday 30 th April - 2008


Again????..... Do you know i'm a Husky?!!!

Attack! I really enjoy this......!!!!!

Monday 14 th April

Hey, look what I can do - reach my nose with my tongue!!

Sonday 9 th March

Sled + dog = Sleddog....

Yeehhh...... I'm a sleddog!

Sonday 3 th February

Hmm.... maybe I'm in jail !

 Kraka, do you know where we are?

Saturday 2 th February

Hi! Guess who won The Cutest Girl in the Pack Award today?

I'm sure that Hugin voted for me :-)

Monday 28 th January - 2008

Hey - here's Munin another brother of mine. He really looks like me  :-)

Friday 25 th January

The three degrees!

Wednesday 23 th January

Pluto, come on now - play with me!

Monday 21 th January

Hellow Big Brother!

Littlesister meets big brother Hugin

Sonday 20 th January

Idun - the Rabit killer!!!

Saturday 19 th January

Hey - my roommate Kraka. She is a girl with a lot of Power and Energy. I think we will have a lot of fun together!!

Friday 18 th January - 2008

I'm the new star in the pack!

Just call me the Princess on the Pea!


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